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External Diffusion connects the scientists to the web & social media sphere. We increase the visibility of your scientific work. Describe your recent scientific article with alternative contents (illustrations, bio, story, video, infographics, etc.). We host, promote and share your blog post to bring it to a wide, targeted and connected audience.

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We get your work in front of the right eyes: connected scientists, researchers, journals, societies, general press, policy makers, and other influencers.

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Your science communication campaign is set by our team in record time, to get your work out there quickly and effectively.



It works! Check your paper’s statistics! We can provide a full impact report showing the success of your web sharing campaign.

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  • 3 tweets
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#BlogYourPaper & promote

  • Everything from “#BlogYourPaper & reach out”
  • Pro-active social media outreach to relevant influencers
  • Multiple posts towards original papers on all social medias
  • Promotion of the researcher, lab, or university
  • Comprehensive monthly impact report (4 months)
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#BlogYourPaper outsourced!

  • Content creation directly from your article + “BlogYourPaper & Promote” plan
  • Blog post writing
  • Infographic
  • Scientific illustration
  • Video
  • Press release
  • (This plan is under conditions)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of External Diffusion?

Simply put: we offer a platform for researchers to promote their papers.

We do not host the original paper! We help you prepare an alternative way of presenting an already published work (more visual, more “human”, more shareable, less formal). We host this alternative content. We help sharing it on the web via the social media. We always link to the official version of the paper.

After working in this field for years and talking to many colleagues, we realized that most researchers, while very enthousiastic about publishing their results, faced the tangible issue of getting real eyes to read the work they’ve poured their heart and soul into for years.

Our role is to use the new socail media channels available to promote researchers, papers and results, and get their work the attention it deserves.

By the way, what does 'External Diffusion' mean?


One of the founders is an active researcher in chemistry and chemical engineering. In chemistry (catalysis), “external diffusion” refers to the movement/transport of chemical molecules (reactants) between the particles of a solid onto which they are supposed to “land” and react to yield the wanted products. We want these movements to be as fast as possible if we want the chemical reaction to proceed fast. If this diffusion (movement, transport) is too slow, there will be a “traffic jam” and the process will be slow and inefficient. 


If we imagine the public and the potential readers of your work as solid particles and the information as little reactant molecules that must be transported to them, then External Diffusion is going to help this process being fast and efficient. On the External Diffusion platform, the content of the blog diffuses, radiates, shines, flows outwards, to the targeted readers. We want this movement to be fast and to go far. We want the flow to reach many people and to amplify.

Why sharing your work via External Diffusion?

External Diffusion offers a web platform for researchers who want to get more attention for their work. There are several reasons to share your work.

  1. Paper is not the endpoint

Once the pdf is out there (in an ocean of other similar publications; often behind a paywall), the authors can only hope that many people will view/download/read/cite it. But the authors don’t have much leverage on that (apart from choosing well the title, keywords and journal). If you are really proud of your work you should not be afraid to advertise it and to stimulate discussions with the scientific community. And to that end, social media is a great opportunity (in addition to attending conferences (much cheaper in fact!)). Nowadays, the online attention that a paper, a group or a researcher gets (shares, blog posts, mentions, likes, etc.) is becoming increasingly regarded (see Altmetrics or check here the nice presentation by @guillaumelobet). External Diffusion and the corresponding social media accounts help you get one step further, to get more eyes in front of your work.

  1. Communicate your achievements in a different way

You are not restricted to the canvas of a scientific publication! You can chose to put the focus on specific aspects of your work, to put it in a more attractive form, to make it more accessible, more visual, more “human”… And this is a great asset! For example if you are applying for an academic position. We suggest you to share your research achievements through a different/modern/sexy/accessible way, via External Diffusion. Put the focus on what is really important for the position you want to get. Put the focus on what you actually did in the work. Make yourself understood by scientists who are not necessarily aware of the last developments in your precise field of research. The same is true for the press. External Diffusion could help you get the attention of the general press. Your contribution can also be shared by your institution via official channels. As an academic, you also want to recruit the best students and researchers. Show them your work in a sophisticated yet accessible way and show that you are active and recognized in the scientific web sphere. No doubt they will like it!

  1. Track the online performance of your work and of the communication around it

External Diffusion also offers a way to track the online activity around your contribution. We will produce reports on the activity of your External Diffusion contribution (clics, shares, retweets, likes, etc.). And we will also record the evolution of your Altmetrics score.

  1. Build your online presence and reputation

If you have a blog and or a twitter account for example, you will always want more traffic and more followers. External Diffusion can help you build your presence and your reputation online. Your presence on External Diffusion means you get mentions on the main social media and you get back links to your webpage and accounts.

Who is behind External Diffusion?

The platform was launched by 2 brothers. One is a scientist (Damien), the other is a web and social media expert (Alex).

How can we measure the online attention that a publication is enjoying?

We measure online attention by checking several statistics on your blog post and on our social media communication. This includes page view, click through towards the paper, organic impressions on Twitter and Facebook, RT, Likes, etc. We provide a monthly impact report (depending on the plan).
When your paper is discussed, shared and commented online, the intensity of the online discussion is summarized in the Altmetric score, so you can keep an eye on it and see how it rises. The Altmetric donut is integrated in your External Diffusion post. More info on Altmetric on this page.

How to submit my contribution to External Diffusion?

Please use our contact us through the contact form. We will get in touch ASAP.

Practically speaking, we will

  • do a basic quality check on your paper
  • send you a simple step-by-step instruction procedure and discuss with you the best way to present your work
  • build your page and check it with you
  • start the communication plan

blog and share your paper on social media - being featured on External Diffusion

How to prepare and mount a video (easily)?

The easiest way for you to prepare a video is to record yourself on any camera device. We’ve worked with video presentations filmed on cellphones, which is absolutely fine.

There are usually 3 parts in each video, but this is entirely up to you. If you don’t know where to start from, this is a good layout (this is just a suggestion!):

Part 1 – The intro. Present your work and who you are in a few words. This can be face camera, but it’s not obligatory (don’t worry, if you’re camera shy you can just record a slideshow for instance!)

Part 2 – The work. Show something about the experiment you’ve done. It can be a video of how the experiment actually goes, a view of the lab, anything that’s related to your work. Narrate the entire process either live while filming, or add audio on top of the video afterwards.

Part 3 – The conclusion. Like the intro, this can be face camera (but not obligatory). Wrap up your presentation, give a few words to your collaborators and say thank you to the watchers!

Again, we strongly encourage you to do something that makes sense to YOU and your readers. It’s not an imposed layout, go for what you think will display your experiment and work in the best light possible.

There is no max video length (even a long “webinar” is OK), but make sure the video is at least a couple minutes long.

Programs to use:

Recording: any digital camera, or smart phone will do.

Editing: we recommend Camtasia, because this is what we use. You can also use Movie Maker (free with windows).

Voice over: Movie Maker

If you can’t edit your different video parts together, let us know, we can do it for you!

A few important notes

Make sure everything is of decent quality. It doesn’t have to (but it can!) be amazing audio and video producing, but the visitor has to be able to enjoy the video, hear you and see what you’re doing.

Remember, the video is there to support your work. We know you’re proud of what you did, it has to show in the video!

If there is anything you can’t do technically, get in touch with us, we can definitely help! We’re here to get you out there, it’s litteraly our job. Don’t be shy.

What service do you get when you contribute to External Diffusion?

You want one of your publications to be featured on External Diffusion? Great! Get in touch and we help you prepare your contribution. We guide you through the process and give advice to prepare attractive contents that can be effectively shared on the web and social media.

What else?

* We set your page on the External Diffusion website and validate it with you before publication.

* We build up a communication plan using our accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, StumbleUpon and Scoopit!

* You have the choice between several communication plans, including one which is totally free.

Should a scientist be present/active on social media?


More info on the different #BlogYourPaper plans

External Diffusion offer several plans for the communication of your science and for its associated outreach. More details about what is included in each package.

  • #BlogYourPaper: Our free plan! Do you want to communicate about your paper? We provide you with the hosting, the branding, the professional outline for your page, as well as a few powerful posts on social media. Your blog post will be noticed. Tip: you should take a proactive stand and share the page with your own network too.
  • #BlogYourPaper & reach outour most popular plan: Making an impact at low cost! We build a comprehensive social media communication plan, with multiple time-optimised posts over a four months period. We also share the link to your original paper, this has a direct impact on your Altmetric score. If you make a video – on your own or with our help – we share it on YouTube.
  • #BlogYourPaper & Promote: The proactive solution to make an impact. We spice up the communication plan by reaching out to influencers in your field, actively asking for RT or shares. We search for other channels to foster the discussion in your specific science community. We don’t just promote your contribution, we make sure your paper is discussed by sharing multiple posts with the direct link to your paper. We also provide a detailed monthly report to measure the impact of the promotion. Upon request, we put the focus of our outreach on the author, the group, the university, or the network.
  • #BlogYourPaper outsourced: Let the pro handle your contribution from A to Z. We sit down (virtually or physically) and build a personalised plan. We offer to take your paper and turn it into a powerful blog post with engaging feature: video, infographics, illustrations. We can also include the creation of a press release. Note: this plan’s price varies highly depending on what you need us to do. Contact us for me information.

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