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After over a year under some sort of stealth mode, we are so happy and proud to finally be going official, as a company. In this article, we’re going to give you a brief overview of how we got there, why we waited for so long, what has changed, and what’s coming.

How did we get here?

External Diffusion, as a website, concept, and idea, has been launched for a while now. We’ve had the chance to work with amazing scientists all over the world and talk about their work.

When we first started the website, we really just had an idea. A great idea, but just an idea nonetheless. We needed to take some time to test it, see if people adhered to it, and see if we would get any traction.

It’s fair to say that we did get some decent traction. Scientists responded positively to our invites, participated in the conversions on Twitter, and shared their science with us.

We’ve been invited to speak at several events, have participated in Twitter organised chats, and featured on some high profile websites.

Our idea has always been to turn this project into a viable business – a.k.a. make at least enough money to keep things going. We first had to safely prove that the business would be viable.

We spent over a year offering our services for free to anyone willing to participate. It was very hard at first (when no one knew of us), but it gradually became easier to reach out and say “look, this is awesome, these are the results we’re having with your peers, come join us”.

Viable metrics

We waited to have enough positive feedback on our services and feel confident enough to make the jump.

Positive feedback came in many forms of metrics: pace of new contributions coming in, growth of Twitter followers and interactions with the community, consistent website traffic.

Finally, after we deemed we had enough contributors to do so, it was time to figure out whether External Diffusion was simply a good idea or if we could turn it into a business that would last.

The money question

Asking for the money is tricky.

We decided to do it smartly and ask our contributors – those who got our services for free – for their thoughts. Would they pay for the service we provided, and how much?

The answers to the survey were clear.

Yes, they would pay for this service. That is a big win for us. It not only means we have a potential business on our hands, it’s also a massive validation for the work we’ve been doing for the last year or so.

The amount of money they would pay was a bit trickier to measure but on average $20 per contribution seemed to be the sweet spot.

This made us even more proud. Having a figure to put on the work we’ve been doing is amazing.

What has changed?

So, with all of that in mind, and a few contributors queueing up to use our services and actually pay for them, we put a brief pause on the website and went making everything official.

We started a real company with a real VAT number, an accountant, and all that jazz. We’re now all set up.

The burning question for you all is: what has changed?

In the Services section, you will now find a pricing table with four options.

We’ve decided to keep a Free Plan. This was important to us because many of the people we surveyed told us they would have to pay for our help from their own pockets (i.e. getting no help from their lab, institution, university, etc.). Having a free plan ensures we still give the people who can’t really afford to pay for us an opportunity to leverage our offering.

Upgrades from the free plan are fairly self-explanatory. We have our most popular plan at €20, then gradually more expensive up until the mammoth don’t-worry-about-a-thing plan.

Now, whenever you want to use External Diffusion’s channels, you will have to pick a plan that suits your needs (from the little drop down on this page).

What’s next?

Now that External Diffusion is officially launched, our goal is simply to grow. We want people to know about us, what we do, and the results we get.

We truly believe we have something fantastic on our hands, a service scientists and researchers love and truly need. It’s just a matter of getting our voice heard.

You can help!

– Start using External Diffusion. Remember, we have a free plan!

– Follow us on social media, participate, and share. Every little bit helps!

– Talk about us. We’re looking for any opportunity to talk to people about what we do. Know of an event with an available talking slot? Let us know!

Thank you all for making External Diffusion possible. We hope to serve the scientific community for many years to come.

The External Diffusion team

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