As a scientist, you sometimes need to communicate your science through eye-catching illustrations. Your slides for the next conference, the graphical abstract of your new paper, your communcations to students,… These may all deserve beautiful infographics. In here, we interview Mind the Graph, professionnals who help you do just that. Read on!

How/when was Mind the graph founded?

Fabricio Pamplona: As a scientist too, I noticed during my academic life, a gap in science communication particularly regarding visual stimuli. From presentations to scientific papers, most figures in science are poorly built. Thus, scientists needed a little help to translate scientific content into a more visual shape. For this reason, I started working with a graphic designer to help scientists improve their communication. The idea worked pretty well and our clients were getting their infographics published in international journals. To this point, I could see that improving science communication could be a business opportunity. I got together with Leonardo Minozzo, owner of a design studio and a big supporter of my project, and we founded Mind the Graph in February, 2014.
Can you tell us a bit more about the MDG team? Who are you? How fo you work?
We are a small team getting bigger everyday. Many people colaborated with Mind the Graph from the beggining. Right now we count on:
Fabricio Pamplona (me) – CEO; scientist and PhD in Pharmacology
Leonardo Minozzo – Co-founder; designer and MSc in Marketing; owner of the design studio Cafundó
Douglas Gimli – Business partner; lead developer
Renato Nascimento – Illustrator; infographic designer
Mariana Hortolani – Illustrator; MSc in Design for Life Sciences
Juliana Costa – Content manager; MSc in Animal Biodiversity
Matheus Czizeweski – Developer; technologist for digital games
Jonatas Baldin – Sotware Engineer; analyst and system developer
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Even though each person of the team works in a particular field, we believe everyone should be part of the entire process. We encourage people to give their opinion and feedbacks on each others work all the time. New ideas are always welcome and it helps developing ownership for the company.
How is your service different from Piktochart or Canva?
Piktochart and Canva are both great platforms, we always get inspired by their work. A bit different from them, Mind the Graph is completely focused on science. As a platform from scientists to scientists, we aim to untangle science through visual and creative links. That means improving scientific communication, while making science beautiful and simple. We are the exact point where science and design meet.
You focus on life science, biology, etc. Are you planning to cover other scientific fields as well in the near future?
Sure! We feel like life sciences could be widely improved by visual communication. However, efficient communication is needed regardless the science field. We already have users from physical sciences and we also see the communication gap in other fields. In fact, we already have some illustrations at our library for them.
When you create a new icon on demand for a user, is it available for other users as well?
Yes, it is! The on demand service is only for subscribers. However, the subscription is so cheap that on average it costs 10% of a single illustration performed by a professional illustrator. Thus, once you subscribe, you can request any and how many new illustrations you want. Our team works on the request and we notify the user when the illustrations are online. We see the on demand service as a way users can collaborate and improve our platform together with Mind the Graph team. Who better than our users to tell us the illustrations they need? We wanna empower scientists and create a model where they feel part of it.

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