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Designing Dissemination – Guest Post

Images engage.  It’s impossible to debate.  An image gives an immediate sense, emotion, and understanding.  So why is it that in traditional scholarly communication, images are few and far between?  At a time where the impact agenda is high... read more

10 things you might not know about Piirus

With technology becoming more advanced, research partnerships need not be difficult to come by and researchers should not feel isolated. They can utilise technology to broaden their networks — be it on Twitter, LinkedIn and other networking sites. Piirus is an... read more

Why and how to work with a scientific illustrator?

SCIENCE NEEDS MORE VISUALS. 1/10 of a second is needed to understand a visual scene – 50 % of our brain is involved in visual processing – 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes – colours increase the willingness to read by 80% – … (source: why... read more

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The Blog section of External Diffusion is made up of articles we write about the benefits of formating, sharing and promoting your scientific discoveries. We strongly believe in this process, but realize it’s fairly new to a wide part of the community and thus have decided to explain our train of thoughts through the articles present here.

We will also host guest posts about academia, research, publishing, science communication, metrics, etc. So if you want your opinion featured here, just reach out!

Feel free to browse, read and participate in the discussion via the comments section!

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