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Here is why you should blog your paper

In this guest post, Gracielle Higino – a Brazilian ecologist and science communicator – goes through the most important reasons why blogging can be a great asset for your research output’s visibility. If you are a scientist, you probably have to deal... read more

External Diffusion is officially live

After over a year under some sort of stealth mode, we are so happy and proud to finally be going official, as a company. In this article, we’re going to give you a brief overview of how we got there, why we waited for so long, what has changed, and what’s... read more

About this blog

The Blog section of External Diffusion is made up of articles we write about the benefits of formating, sharing and promoting your scientific discoveries. We strongly believe in this process, but realize it’s fairly new to a wide part of the community and thus have decided to explain our train of thoughts through the articles present here.

We will also host guest posts about academia, research, publishing, science communication, metrics, etc. So if you want your opinion featured here, just reach out!

Feel free to browse, read and participate in the discussion via the comments section!

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