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External Diffusion is a web hub specifically built to help authors of scientific publications spread the word about their work and make an impact through science communication and online outreach.

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Audience for your Science!

External Diffusion hosts blog posts describing scientific publications and help their authors reach a wide audience through proactive social media communication.

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Congratulations! Your scientific paper is finally out there (along with many others). Now, this is not the end of the story. You are looking for readers, attention, mentions, citations… in one word: impact.

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Paper is not the endpoint. We help you increase your audience by sharing original contents (video, images, bio, story) about your work and promoting your publication to our network of influencers and professionals!

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You reap all the glory! Your publication is seen, read and spread across the world wide web. Mentions are pouring in, your name gets recognizable and you build your scientific reputation.
Our research had a story to tell, and External Diffusion helped to get it out. It worked! Policy solutions to single-parent poverty were discussed on social media. And, our paper currently is the most-read article of the issue in which it was published – by far.  
Rense Neuwenhuis

Assistant Professor at Swedish Institute for Social Research (Stockholm University), @rnieuwenhuis

As a researcher, I want my published work to be spotted and read. A pdf dropped in the ocean of scientific publications is not enough! I also like to explain my findings in a more informal way. I believe the concept of External Diffusion is a great asset for scientists who also want to engage with their community and embrace social media.

Damien Debecker

Associate Professor at UCL; Co-Founder External Diffusion, @deuxbeck

I’m proud to be part of this journey. I strongly believe we can blow a wind of “innovation 2.0” to the scientific and research field, helping motivated scientists from around the globe get attention on their hard work.


Co-Founder of External Diffusion, @alexdebecker

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